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800 Number No CallsFrom time-to-time we have customers reach out to us for help with getting calls to their 800 number with us.

Not help setting up the service or troubleshooting a technical issue, but just getting calls period.  The phones simply aren't ringing, and that's a problem.

Jennifer Williams

As the poet Robert Frost once said, “Freedom lies in being bold.” And we agree! We believe freedom in business lies in being bold enough to work how you choose. FreedomVoice gives you the power to break free of the conventional office space and do business wherever you work best.

We want to know, how has FreedomVoice helped you to Free Your Voice?

Jennifer Williams

Toll free numbers have become very commonplace in today’s business world due to the proven success they have provided to many entrepreneurs and companies. Toll free numbers offer your potential and returning customers with a free and convenient way to contact your business and have been demonstrated to increase sales.

Jennifer Williams

FreedomVoice was in beautiful Savannah, Georgia last month to attend Technology Assurance Group’s (TAG) 15th Annual Convention. As Elite Sponsors, we had a great time April 19th -22nd as the leaders in TAG gathered to share best business practices and mutually contribute towards one another’s growth.  

With the main goal of the convention focused on how to deliver a better customer experience from start to finish, it was only appropriate that FreedomVoice announced our TAG Partner of the Year 2015.

And the winner is…

Jennifer Williams

Since you were a little kid you’ve probably been exposed to thousands of them: on TV, on the radio, on park benches, even on the sides of buses. I’m talking about 800 numbers. We all know them. In fact, you could probably name one (or sing one) off the top of your head right now.